This is a modular synthesizer, constructed from 2013 to 2015 in Leipzig. Alls (panel, pcb, assembly..) were made Nicolas Lafay himself. For schematic, he found big inspiration in Yusynth,Ken Stone modules... He have composed (and recomposed) the modules with different idea, to find the way which fit the best with my music.

The sound is formed by 2 parallele VCF, 3 square VCO combined in 4 way and internal modulated by 1 sample and hold, 1white/pink noise generator, 4 lowpass gate mixed together, 1 wave folder combined with 2 saw animators, 2 complet LFO, 2 ADSR enveloppe generator and 1 quad vc-lfo.

The powersupply runs in +/- 15v.